Taralli and Grissini have been a favorite Pugliese snack for hundreds of years and are Italy's answer to pub crackers. Both are flaky, savory and crunchy, but Taralli are shaped like mini bagels while Grissini are long sticks. Our Taralli and Grissini are hand made in Puglia and can be enjoyed in every way imaginable—in the Italian tradition with wine and cheese, or dipped in anything from queso to artichoke dip.

A.G. Ferrari Fennel Taralli
Slightly aromatic with a mild flavor of fennel. Excellent with dry wines and hard cheeses. 
A.G. Ferrari Tomato Herb Taralli
A zesty combination that’s inspired by the flavors of Italy. Pair with red wine, flavorful cheeses and charcuterie.

A.G. Ferrari Olive Oil Taralli
Classic crunch with a hint of savory richness. Excellent with soup or as part of any antipasti platter.
A.G. Ferrari Olive Oil Taralli
Crisp, flaky breadsticks flavored with the finest olive oil from Italy.

A.G. Ferrari Taralli Assortment


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