Oakwood Roasted Coffee

We strive to find producers with a passion for creating the best of Italy for your table. We were lucky enough to find the perfect coffee right in our neighborhood from the Di Ruocco family. Their coffee is an homage to the classic flavors of old world Italy refined for today’s tastes.

When Carlo Di Ruocco immigrated from Italy to California, there was one thing in particular he missed from his homeland in Salermo, Italy - a great cup of espresso. There was little to no knowledge of how to make a true espresso in the states at the time. Up to the early 1980s, espresso was primarily considered an ingredient added to a 16 oz glass of steamed milk so it was roasted with primarily one goal, to cut through all that milk. Most  espresso at that time was roasted very dark, up to the point just before it would catch fire in some cases. Carlo was one of the first to roast espresso as it was in Italy, over oak and as a beverage to be consumed by itself with all the flavor, nuance and complexity of a fine glass of wine. The Di Ruocco's are the first and only roasters in America using excuslively oak wood.

Carlo was embraced as the roaster of choice in some of the Bay Area’s finest cafes and restaurants. Acclaimed chefs such as Alice Waters and Bradley Ogden began to brew Carlo’s coffee for its flavor as well as his passion and commitment to bringing a taste of Italy to America. Today, we’re proud to work with two generations of the Di Ruocco family who continue to create coffees that will make your day, every day.

What is Oak Wood Roasted Coffee and Why You Should Try It
The benefit of wood roasting versus gas is that the heat has a higher moisture content making it better suited for slow roasting. This process reduces acidity while enhancing the body and sweetness creating a fuller flavor with a smoother finish. Wood roasting takes a great deal of skill due to the heat variations of burning wood. The Di Ruoccos bring their 30 years of experience using old world methods combined with the latest technological advances in roasting to create consistently high quality coffee.

A.G. Ferrari Coffees:

Whether you wake up to coffee brewing in your kitchen, serve a pot for visiting friends or enjoy an espresso as an afternoon pick-me-up, our coffees are the perfect choice for your treasured coffee ritual.

To create a true espresso, the flavors should be smooth, full of flavor and well balanced. Fill your home with the aroma of roasted nuts and spices of this heavy and full-bodied espresso. And savor the flavor notes of sweet chocolate, praline and butterscotch. Enjoy with A.G. Ferrari Biscotti.

1919 Blend
A.G. Ferrari’s 1919 Blend is round and smooth and emits the aroma of dark chocolate and citrus fruits. A combination of our finest dark and light roasted Latin American coffees creates a complex coffee with notes of bittersweet chocolate, caramel and mild citrus. An ideal choice for your go-to daily brew that will transform your coffee drinking experience.

Decaffeinated House
Our medium-dark roast is rich and velvety with an intoxicating malt and vanilla aroma you’ll want to linger over. This is a smooth coffee with notes of licorice, maple and brown sugar. Enjoy the ultimate decaf without sacrificing flavor and complexity.

Beyond the Cup of Coffee

While A.G. Ferrari coffees are best enjoyed as is or with biscotti and other sweets, it is a versatile ingredient that is delicious in cocktails and recipes as well. Here are 2 of our favorites.


Makes 2 servings

• 3 oz Galliamo L’Autentico liqueur (a sweet herbal liqueur)
• 2 cups A.G. Ferrari 1919 Blend brewed coffee
• 1/2 pint whipped heavy cream
• shaved chocolate to garnish

1. In a heated mug, add Galliano and pour in hot coffee
2. Top with Freshly-whipped cream and garnish with shaved chocolate.



• 2 tbsp freshly ground A.G. Ferrari 1919 Blend or Espresso
• 1 tsp ground coriander
• 1 pound beef tenderloin tips
• 1 tbsp olive oil
• salt & pepper for seasoning
• four 6" bamboo skewers, soaked in water 1 hour


1. Soak bamboo skewers in water for 1 hour
2. Blend the coffee and spices together
3. Toss beef tips in oil, then sprinkle the coffee mixture over the beef tips
4. Skewer the beef onto the soaked bamboo skewers and marinate for a minimum of 2 hours or overnight (for best results)
5. Grill 2-3 minutes per side for recommended rare to medium-rare done-ness
6. Serving suggestions: plate with mashed potatoes and sautéed spinach