All A.G. Ferrari Pasta is made in the Trentino Alto Aldige region of Italy using organic durum wheat flour and mountain spring water, extruded through bronze dies and slowly air-dried. This process means each flavorful cut of pasta hold sauce beautifully for a delicious bite every time. Each unique cut and shape—Bucatini, Fusilloni, Penne Lisce, Rigatoni and Spaghetti—serves to highlight a wide range of flavors and sauces, whether they be Italian, Spanish, Portugese or Vietnamese.


Taralli and Grissini
Taralli and Grissini are Italy’s answer to pub crackers..Both are flaky, savory and crunchy, but Taralli are shaped like mini bagels while Grissini are long sticks. Our Taralli and Grissini are hand made in Puglia and can be enjoyed in every way imaginable—in the Italian tradition with wine and cheese, or dipped in anything from queso to artichoke dip.


The perfect not-too-sweet cookie, Biscotti are typically enjoyed in Italy at the end of the meal with a glass of sweet wine or strong espresso. Ours are made in Florence, from a family recipe that dates back nearly 100 years, in two flavors—Tuscan Almond and Chocolate Chip. But don’t let all that tradition intimidate you—we’ve been known to serve them with a main course, use them in a pie crust, or dip them in brandy.

Our coffees are an homage to the flavors of old world Italy yet refined for today’s tastes. Produced by the Di Ruocco family, our coffees are the first and only ones in America roasted with oak wood, a process that produces fuller flavor and a smooth finish. We have three blends—1919, a complex brew that can be enjoyed daily; Espresso, a dark, aromatic and full bodied brew; and Decaf, a smooth water-processed roast with an intoxicating aroma.

Salts and Seasonings
Off the toe of Italy’s boot is Sicily, where our salts and seasonings come from. Italians use salt to bring out the freshness of their ingredients—the purer the salt, the better the flavor. Ours come in three flavors: zesty Tuscan, rich Truffle and spicy Diavola. Each has its place in the pantry to enhance a variety of dishes, from roasts to seafood.

Pestos and spreads are go-to pantry items in Italy. Packed with flavor, they can be used to dress a pasta, brighten a soup, spice up a sandwich or serve alongside cheese. Ours are made in Liguria with fresh, organic ingredients—artichoke, arugula, black olive, basil, bell pepper, sun dried tomato and more. It’s the best of the Italian farmer’s market, ready to serve however and wherever you see fit.