A. G. Ferrari Truffle package

Truffle Time


It takes the sensitive nose and diligent spirit of Lagotto Romagno dogs to hunt down precious truffles (tartuf). The rewards for their discovery are boundless. With a heavenly aroma and a delicate texture, truffles turn any meal into a special occasion. Whether for yourself or the best gift ever, our Truffle assortment is something anyone will treasure. We provide the raw ingredients like the finest mature Truffles in salt and water as well as Truffle Salt for you to finish any dish with style. Also included are ready-in-minutes main dishes with truffles: Polenta and Risotto (selected as one of Oprah's favorite things). Snack on A.G. Ferrari Truffle Almonds or top your favorite salad with them.

Tartuf Polenta
Tartuf Risotto
Summer Truffle
A.G. Ferrari Truffle Almonds
A.G. Ferrari Truffle Salt