Best Hot Chocolate Maker – Top 5 Machines for You 2019

Is there anything more appealing on a cold day than a delicious hot cup of chocolate?

But who wants to have to go to a café to enjoy it?

Of course, you could always stay in and make your chocolate the old-fashioned way, on a pot on the stove. 

But if you fancy an easier approach, there are lots of machines that can help you out.

Read on to find the best hot chocolate maker for you!

The Best Hot Chocolate Maker Reviews of 2019

1. Mr. Coffee Cocomotion Hot Chocolate Maker (Our Top Recommended)

Mr. Coffee Cocomotion Hot Chocolate Maker

Not quite as stylish as the Breville, this offering from Mr. Coffee nevertheless packs in some great features.

To start with, it’s a good size. You’ll be able to dispense four cups of chocolate without having to make more.

Then there’s the clever basket. This allows you to break up your favorite bar of chocolate and use it to make your drink. 

There’s no faffing about grating it as with the Breville. And the results are just as good with powder or syrup.

You won’t be able to select different foam options, but you’ll still get a chocolate with a frothy topping.

There’s a non-stick coating for easy cleaning, and it even comes with a recipe booklet to inspire you.

What I Like

  • Auto-Off fuction provides extra safety
  • Mixing disc whips hot cocoa quickly and easily
  • Easy to clean

What I Didn't Like

  • You can’t adjust the foam

2. Breville BMF600XL Milk Cafe Milk Frother

Breville BMF600XL Cafe Milk Frother, 2 Silver

This handsome looking machine from Breville would grace any kitchen counter. Made from shiny stainless steel, it’s a very grown-up take on a chocolate maker.

It’s primarily a milk frother. But add chocolate powder, flakes or hot syrup and you’ll get delicious chocolate with plenty of foam. There’s a variable temperature setting too.

It won’t, though, give you the option of making your drink with a bar of chocolate.

If that’s what you want, you could always grate shavings into the milk. But it will be more work than some of the other machines on our list.

It isn’t the biggest chocolate maker, but it will still make enough for three cups. Where it really comes into its own is with the foam.

The Breville comes with two different discs, one designed for lattes and the other for cappuccinos.

Choose the latte disc for a smooth silky foam, or switch to the cappuccino for a thicker, firmer version.

We think the cappuccino setting works brilliantly with chocolate. Finish it off with a dusting of powder for a drink that looks like it came from a coffee shop.

What I Like

  • Great looking machine that’s definitely for grown-ups
  • Different milk frothing options

What I Didn't Like

  • You won’t be able to use solid chocolate

3. Bialetti Hot Chocolate Maker & Milk Frother 

Bialetti Hot Chocolate Maker & Milk Frother

If you have deep pockets, this pricey chocolate maker from Bialetti is worth a look.

It’s a stylish looking thing in matt black with chrome accents.

And anyone familiar with Bialetti’s iconic Moka pot will recognise the design.

So what about its features? Well, it takes the chocolate powder, syrup or shavings but doesn’t have a basket.

That means if you want to use your favorite chocolate bar it’s best to grate it. (Although a friend of ours says she uses chunks of her favorite chocolate and it copes fine.)

You’ll get a thick, creamy foam, but there’s only one setting. If you prefer a lighter consistency, you’ll be out of luck. And it isn’t the easiest to clean.

The thing that distinguishes the Bialetti from others is its “cool mixing” function. This allows you to froth milk without heating it. If you enjoy iced coffee with milk, it’s a great feature.

What I Like

  • Gorgeous Italian styling
  • Cool mixing feature for iced coffee

What I Didn't Like

  • Only one foam setting
  • There are easier machines to clean 

4. Nostalgia HCM700RETRORED Retro 32-Ounce Hot Chocolate, Milk Frother, Cappuccino, Latte Maker and Dispenser 

Nostalgia HCM700RETRORED Retro 32-Ounce Hot Chocolate, Milk Frother, Cappuccino,Latte Maker and Dispenser

This delicious looking chocolate maker oozes bags of retro charm.

Styled in bright red with a feature spigot to dispense your drink, it brings an air of celebration to the simple act of making chocolate.

It’s a decent size, able to produce four cups before needing to be refilled.

Like the Bialetti, it offers the option of frothing your milk without heating it. And it gets points for being really easy to clean.

Use it with chocolate powder or syrup, or add ground beans for a frothy coffee. Unlike other machines on this list, though, it doesn’t have an auto-off for when the chocolate is ready. And the noise levels may be too high for anyone with sensitive eardrums.

What I Like

  • Fun retro styling – a perfect statement piece for fireworks parties
  • Able to froth cold milk for iced coffee
  • Easy to clean

What I Didn't Like

  • Noisier than some
  • Won’t cope with solid chocolate
  • List Element

5. Nescafé Dolce Gusto Esperta Single Serve Coffee Maker and Espresso Machine

De’Longhi NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Esperta Single Serve Coffee Maker and Espresso Machine - 60oz Capacity – Capsule Based

Ok, the Dolce Gusto is best known as a coffee maker. But the ease with which it makes a cup of chocolate means its well worth considering as a chocolate maker too.

As well as the variety of coffee pods available, you can also buy chocolate pods – the snappily named chococcino. 

Just fill the machine with water, pop in a pod, push a button and you have a cup of chocolate. The whole process takes no more than a minute.

Your chocolate comes with a lovely foamy topping too. And unlike other coffee pods, Dolce Gusto’s can be disposed of with standard recycling.

It couldn’t be faster or easier. Just remember that the milk is in the pod. That means you won’t get quite as fresh or creamy a taste as with fresh milk.

What I Like

  • Fast and simple to use
  • Great for coffee too

What I Didn't Like

  • You can’t use fresh milk with the chococcino pods, so your chocolate won’t taste as creamy

What to consider when buying a hot chocolate maker

1. Should you buy a hot chocolate maker at all?

If you love the experience of making chocolate, a machine might not be right for you (1).

There are some great recipes out there that will reward a little effort. This Youtube video shows someone whipping up a great chocolate on the stove.

But if you want something quicker and easier, a chocolate maker is a great investment.

This Youtube video shows how making chocolate with a machine still provides lots of scope to be creative.

2. How many cups?

Are you looking for a single cup of chocolate when you’ve got a chocolate craving?

Or are you living in a household of chocoholics, where a cup before bedtime is part of the nightly routine?

Whatever your circumstances, check out the capacity of the chocolate maker before you buy.

Some machines use pods to produce a single serving of fresh chocolate.

Others will make a whole tank of chocolate. Just turn a tap or tip a carafe to dispense cup after cup.

Hot Chocolate maker

3. Froth or flat?

Not all chocolate makers are created equal when it comes to topping your chocolatey drink with froth.

If you prefer not to be left with a milky mustache, this won’t be a priority. But if, like us, you think that chocolate isn’t chocolate without a creamy foam, check out the settings.

Some chocolate makers incorporate a milk frother, so they’ll dispense your chocolate with foam on top.

And some even allow you to select different levels of foam!

4. What type of chocolate do you plan to use?


If you use chocolate powder, most machines will produce a decent result without breaking a sweat.

The mixing paddles mean you don’t have to worry about lumps of powder in the bottom of your cup.

If you prefer chocolate chips or chunks, check that the machine will cope. It will need to heat them hot enough for your drink without burning.

Some manage this better than others, so check out the reviews before buying.

If you prefer a single cup machine, bear in mind you’ll need to use pods. These are simple to use, but some aren’t recyclable, so check before you buy.

Some machines will also only use pods from the same manufacturer, and these can be pricey.

5. Do you want it to make other drinks too?

There are plenty of options for machines that focus on making chocolate.

But if you also enjoy coffee and want to minimize the number of appliances on your countertop, consider something multi-purpose.

A number of single cup coffee machines will make a cup of chocolate just as easily.

You’ll just have to buy the appropriate pods. They’re simple to use and easy to clean.

And some will dispense hot water too, so you can use them for oatmeal or instant soup.

If that sounds good, just make sure you check the specifications before buying.

Not all single cup coffee makers are this versatile. Nespresso, for example, are strictly coffee-only.

Ready to choose?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our best hot chocolate maker reviews.  So which one should you choose?

For a single serve machine, we’d go for the Dolce Gusto. For speed and convenience, it can’t be beaten.

But if you’re looking for a gourmet multi-cup experience, our pick is the Mr. Coffee Cocomotion Hot Chocolate Maker.  It’s not as big as some, but we think the his features give you something special.

Whatever you choose, we hope you’ll enjoy a delicious chocolate the next time the weather turns cold!

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