Keurig K40 vs K45 – What’s the difference?(2019 Comparison)

The look the same, they function the same, and they're both Keurig brand, so what's the difference between the Keurig k40 vs k45 models of coffee makers?

We've painstakingly compared these two exceptional coffee makers, hopefully helping to inform your purchase!

Keurig k40 vs k45 - a comparative review

Keurig revolutionized home coffee makers by creating the first single-serving coffee maker that closely mimics that which you can get in a fancy coffee shop.

Modern Keurig models have come a surprisingly long way since the very first ones, allowing more customization, bigger batches of coffee made at once, and a handily removable reservoir, making refilling and continuous brewing a snap (1)!

Two of the most popular of these newer models are the Keurig k40 and the Keurig k45, and insofar as bang-for-your-buck, either of these two models will save you tons of money in coffee shop coffee over the life of the machine. Which one is the best bet for you, though?

If you were to set these machines side-by-side, you'd notice immediately that they look nearly identical.

In fact, they're both based on the same model body design, which is stylish, with a built-in night light feature. These two are definitely some of the best looking pieces of kitchen gadgetry you could have on your counter.

Part of this design is that they both include the largest water reservoir to-date on any Keurig model - 80 ounces in a removable section. This is a big deal because it allows for the back-to-back brewing of 10 eight-ounce cups of coffee. In addition, with the (separate) purchase of the Keurig carafe, you can brew up a large container of coffee for a group(or one really tired person).

So far so good, but what else are we looking at when we peek deeper into these machines? Let's look at the specs:

Keurig model k40:

  • Reservoir - 80 ounces
  • Easily programmable
  • Temperature, concentration, and volume controls
  • Dimensions - 10.4″ wide x 13.4″ deep x 13.6″ tall

Keurig model k45:

  • Reservoir - 80 ounces
  • Easily programmable
  • Temperature, concentration, and volume controls
  • Dimensions - 10.4″ wide x 13.4″ deep x 13.6″ tall

These specifications look surprisingly similar, don't they? They're practically identical, down to how well they brew the perfect cup of coffee, and let's not mince words - the Keurig is great at brewing the perfect cup of coffee (2).

Aside from some very basic aesthetic differences on the front, they weigh practically the same, program the same, brew the same cup of coffee, and take up the same space on your counter.

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Delivering speed and reliability - Keurig k40 vs k45

Both models can brew the same soups, teas (3), hot cocoas, and of course coffees, and both have the option of continuous brewing or, as mentioned above, to brew a large carafe with the separate purchase of the Keurig carafe add-on.

In addition, both can utilize the (again, purchased separately) Keurig reusable cups to make coffee from your own freshly ground beans.

They both utilize the same internal parts as well, ensuring that regardless of which coffee maker you purchase, you'll end up with a nearly identical experience.

One of the best things about these two coffee makers is that despite the fact they boast the largest reservoir at this time, the whole 80-ounce container only takes about a minute to heat up to brewing temp.

Exterior, display, and aesthetics

Both coffee makers are visually appealing, offering slick design, smooth fronts, and attractive, clear, backlit reservoirs.

Either will look great sitting on your counter or in your office, and that's not even the reason you'd buy a coffee maker to begin with; it's just an added bonus!

As for the display, it's nearly 3 inches wide, allowing for accurate, clear visuals, even when you're just the most sleep deprived and bleary-eyed in the early morning.

The digital clock and intuitive display also allow you to program automatic brewing times, strength of the coffee, and water temperature. If you need your coffee super strong to deal with the work week, but you like it a bit less intense on the weekends, this feature will suit you well.

So what's the difference between the k40 and the k45?

Thus far, everything looks the same, and that's pretty much right-on. What is the main difference, then, besides price?

The k45 has a built-in water filtration system, which effectively makes it so you can go tap to Keurig to cup and still have that great, clean taste without having an additional water filter someplace in-between.

The question to ask yourself, however, is how much that matters to you. Yes, both machines come with a variety of different K-Cups included, and there's a difference in those, but the water filter is the main difference.

Because of the additional filter, the k45 is more expensive, and that's a cost that you can avoid paying if you've already got a working water filtration system.

By adding the additional water filter system, Keurig has increased the apparent value of the model k45, and for someone who wants that additional convenience, it's definitely a plus.

The fact that the reservoir is removable makes filling it up at the tap much easier, and not having to wait for a water filter to pour has time-saving advantages to be certain.

Our final thoughts

Both the Keurig k40 and the k45 are great coffee makers. Both look fantastic, work wonderfully, and brew delicious, strong, perfect cups of coffee every time.

In fact, both coffee makers have even beaten the main drawback of the Keurig line of coffee makers - they can produce large amounts of coffee for a group (with a carafe sold separately).

At the end of the day, it comes down to price and whether or not the addition of a water filter is helpful to you. If not, it's probably worth it to save your money and not buy more Keurig than you need.

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