Keurig k425 vs k475 – What’s the Difference? (2019)

If you're a coffee lover, you understand how perfect that first-morning cup must be to start your day right.

Keurig revolutionized the coffee world with its single-brew pods, but now there's a lot of models to choose from.

We compared the Keurig k425 vs k475 to help you choose.

Specifications and features

The overall Keurig design is one that incorporates easy-to-use controls with the single-serve pod brewing cups that have flooded grocery stores in the last few years. While the original Keurigs were designed to be as simple as possible, they had their flaws, and the company has constantly improved on that original model.

The Keurig k425 and the k475 are both incredibly similar, from their actual physical aesthetics to their programmability and functionality. Indeed, both coffee machines are capable of varying cup sizes, temperatures, settings, and programs. Specifically:

  • Dimensions - both units are 10.4" wide x 13.4" deep x 13.6" tall. This makes them a bit bigger than older Keurig models, but it's hardly going to take over your counter space. In addition, their backlit reservoirs, sleek front design, and overall focus on aesthetics are visually appealing and you could definitely find something worse to have out in your kitchen or office.
  • Programmability - both the Keurig k425 and the k475 are highly programmable. Variable temperature, altitude, timing, energy saving, and brew-strength modes are available.
  • Brew sizes - traditional Keurigs only made one cup at a time, in about 3 sizes. The k425 and k475 have 11 potential brew sizes, including an optional carafe sold separately, if you need to make coffee for a crowd.
  • Construction - both models feature removable drip trays for easy cleaning, and removable reservoirs for easy refills.
  • Reservoir size - both Keurigs offer 70-ounce tanks. While there are larger models now, 70 ounces is still a significant amount of uninterrupted brew time.

As you can see, comparing the Keurig k425 vs k475 is difficult, as they're nearly identical. Both have the same look, same backlighting, and aesthetic extras, and both perform the same, making the same delicious coffee (or tea or cocoa or...) (1)

What sets them apart is that the k425 has a water filtration system. While initially, this seems common sense - particularly because Keurig stresses that you should use filtered water exclusively - it would appear adding the filter is an "update".

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Keurig with k cup


Even early Keurigs have a sleek, modern design that actually looks pretty good, as far as kitchen appliances go.

These newer models have night-light modes, backlighting, and are designed to offer superior brew sizes without being cumbersome or huge. 

In addition, they come in a variety of colors, so you should be able to find a Keurig k425 or k475 to match your overall kitchen décor.

Their display screen is also large, vibrant, and intuitive, which is nice when you're just waking up and need to ask a machine to make you the life-giving coffee you need to function.


Being able to program the machines to certain temperatures, brew strengths, and serving sizes is a huge step up from the original Keurigs, and from traditional coffee pots in general.

The high-altitude setting ensures that your coffee is heated correctly, even way up in the mountains.

Since you can also program a daily brew time and amount, adding in the function of varying brew strength is actually a lot bigger of a deal than it might seem.

Need stronger coffee to wake up during the week before work? The Keurig k425 and k475 can do that, while also toning it down on your relaxing weekends.

Finally, with 11 programmable brewing sizes, you'll meet yours and the needs of everyone else. From strong little espresso-like shots to huge cups of all-morning coffee, Keurig has a setting for you (2).

Convenience, accessories, and variety

As Keurig revolutionized your morning cup of coffee, so did the industry adapt to this new machine with gusto. Not only are there tons of different coffee flavors available in those handy little pods, but there's tea, hot cocoa, and even soups.

Beyond the available flavors, you can also purchase a Keurig reusable cup, so you can grind your own beans and have the freshest coffee possible outside of a trendy shop.

Though the reusable cup comes separately (3), it's one of the most important accessories you can pick up for the Keurig. It will save money, offer more flexibility in your choices, and is better for the environment.

Keurig also offers an optional carafe for brewing large amounts of coffee at once. Again, this is a separate piece to buy, but it utterly destroys the need to have more than one coffee pot, and honestly puts old coffee pots on notice.

Finally, we can't mention accessories without touching on the K425 and its water filtration system. Honestly, this just seems like something that should be included in Keurigs to begin with, but since they've added it in as a "feature" in the k425, it's worth examining.

You should start by asking yourself if you need a water filter. If you have a water filter in your fridge or on your tap, is it worth the extra money to have on already built into your coffee maker?

Probably not, but if you don't have one, then it's absolutely worth it, as particulates in your tap water can build up and damage your Keurig.

Final verdict

When it comes down to the Keurig k425 vs k475, ultimately both models are basically the same, with the exception of the water filter system.

They're both beautiful to look at, and will enhance your kitchen (as much as an appliance can).

They function wonderfully, and with a couple of separate add-ons, they'll replace all former coffee making apparatuses.

Both are highly programmable, functional, stylish, and make significantly delicious coffee, and both come with some manner of combination of k-cup flavors, so you can start using them right away.

What it comes down to is your desire to spend a little more for a water filter. If you don't need one, then the k475 is probably the better choice.

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