Keurig K525 vs K575 – What’s the difference? (2019)

If you are a Keurig or one-cup coffee fan, you might think that all Keurig machines are equal when that is not the case.

At issue is that Keurig has created and released so many models that it’s easy to mix them up or think that there is no difference between them.

In this guide, we will look at the similarities and differences between the Keurig k525 vs k575.

Design and Functionality

When lined up side-by-side, the Keurig k525 and Keurig k575 look nearly identical, and that’s because in design and function, they are the same. Both models are the same size --- 10.4″W x 13.4″D x 13.6″H --- and the design, a sleek, sophisticated vibe with the Keurig logo on top, is identical as well.

Both models have a large 80-ounce removable reservoir as well as the ability to choose five different temperature and strength control options when having a k-cup. Additionally, the Keurig k525 and k575 now feature multiple nightlight settings and customizable wallpaper.

The styles of the k525 and k575 are compact and neither will take up much space on a countertop.

Here are some other designs available on both models:

  • Size options: five different cup sizes ranging from 4oz to 12oz.
  • On-demand hot water: have your espresso and drink it too.
  • Energy-saving mode: the machine shuts off when not in use to save energy and be environmentally friendly
  • Built-in water filter: chemicals are filtered out so that your cup of coffee is clean and flavorful (1)
  • Auto-carafe settings: the auto-brew programmable option can be used to brew a pot of coffee at your predetermined time and setting
  • Removable drip tray: the tray is easy to access, remove, and clean
  • Customizable clock: preset and plan your morning coffee before you even set foot out of bed

Regarding design and functionality, the k525 and k575 are virtually identical with both offering the same key Keurig features.

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Brew Capacity, Taste, and Type

Although the Keurig k525 and k575 are primarily single-serve cup coffee makers, these machines are also designed to brew coffee for multiple people. If you want to use the devices in that fashion, you must purchase a Keurig k-Carafe separately from these central units.

Both the k525 and k575 work with many Keurig varieties of coffee including k-Cup, k-Mug, and k-Carafe. These options let you tantalize your taste buds and try new coffee flavors. Better yet, it takes less than a minute to brew a single-cup in either of these models.

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It is possible to use grind coffee instead of the Keurig k-Cups in the k525 and k575; however, you will need to purchase a reusable filter, sold separately (2).

Be forewarned that if you are partial to other brands of single-serve coffee, these Keurig machines are not designed for their use. There are workarounds if you prefer; otherwise the Keurig k-Cups are the only single-serve options for these models.

As with design and functionality, models k525 and k575 provide the same taste and type options.


The 80-ounce reservoir that exists in the k525 and k575 coffee makers is the industry’s largest on record. That gives the user around 10 back to back cups of coffee. The reservoir takes roughly a minute to warm up, and is easily accessible and removable (3); simply take it to your sink to clean it out or refill it.

One of the best features on both models is the 2.8” extra large LED screen with a color touch display. The screen is easy to read even from a distance, and the digital clock offers multiple programming options for users. It makes it easy for users to brew a cup of coffee to their liking as they can monitor the brewing time and control the level of flavor involved.

One of the most accessible and popular features of the k525 and k575 is the pre-programmable option to make a cup of coffee at a specific time. This feature allows users to save time and wake up with their coffee ready made.

Keurig K525 vs K575 - What's the difference?

Whether there is any difference between these models is a fair question to ask. In seemingly all aspects, from design to size to functionality, the k525 and k575 are the same. However, there is one difference between the two that is reflected in the higher price tag on the k575: a water filter starter kit.

The Keurig k575 comes with the water filter kit and the heftier price because the filter cleans the Keurig of limescale deposits left behind by hard water. The primary reason so many Keurigs, and other coffee makers get clogged and break down is mineral residue in a coffee machine. The water filter can extend the life of the device, and as such if offered with the k575 model.


There is virtually no difference between these two Keurig models except for the water filter starter kit available with the k575. Otherwise, both models provide the following amenities:

  • Both coffee makers are easy to operate and have a large screen LED
  • Both models are sleek, sophisticated, and compact enough to fit on countertops
  • Both units have the same design and size specifications
  • Both machines have programmable features and settings
  • Both coffee makers can brew coffee in under one minute

Which Keurig is better for you, the k525 or k575? That depends on how much you are willing to spend and whether you look at your Keurig as an investment. The water filter starter system paired with the k575 model does increase the price of the unit; however, the water filter can ensure that your machine remains clean and in good working condition for years to come.

If you aren’t concerned about the longevity of your coffee maker, the k525 is the slightly cheaper option that has all the features of the k575, but without the water filter starter kit. As to the Keurig k525 vs Keurig k575, choose the Keurig that best fits your needs, and then enjoy that cup of joe.

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