Keurig K525c Review – Is It Worth Buying? (2019)

Keurig sold its first machines and K-Cup pods in 1998.

It was the first and only at the time because they held a patent on the invention.

But, it is now in a crowded market. 

Other players have similar products because the patent on the K-Cup pods expired.

Keurig is unfazed by the competition. It is still a top choice for those looking for an easy way to enjoy a cup of coffee.

This Keurig K525C review dives deep into the details of this unit so you can see if this is the machine that your household needs.

Keurig K525C Review - At A Glance

  • My K-Cup 2.0 Reusable Coffee Filter
  • The customizable color touch display
  • Strength control
  • 80-ounce water reservoir with easy-fill flip-top lid
  • Five brew temperature options
  • Programmable settings
  • Energy Saver Mode
  • Brewer maintenance alerts

The inspiration behind the technology was the coffee stations in workplaces. The coffee was often stale or burnt, having been out on a pot the whole day. There was also an issue on consistency.

Keurig founders, John Sylvan and Peter Dragone (1), wanted to offer a product that would address this concern. What if they made a device that would people enjoy the taste of freshly ground coffee beans without having to grind them every time? And what if the coffee was measured perfectly no matter who made it? The idea eventually led to the creation of the single-cup brewing machines and coffee pods.

The Keurig K525C continues this tradition, but with a twist. It merges the Keurig brewing technology with a reusable coffee filter, the My K-Cup 2.0. It provides options to customize the cup of coffee according to your preference. For example, it allows you to choose how strong your coffee will be as well (2). Temperature can also be controlled. As for size, you can choose to brew a four-cup carafe or a single cup. This device promises to deliver a superior brewing experience the way you want it.

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Keurig with k cup

The strong push for customization is also seen in the way there's greater variety when it comes to the pods you can use. The Keurig K525C comes with the My K-Cup 2.0 Reusable Filter, which allows you to use your own ground coffee beans. You are not limited to using the products supplied by Keurig. Other products will work with this unit. For coffee lovers who want to try different flavors, this feature opens up a whole new world.

The controls are done through a 2.8-inch Color Touch Display. You can change the color of the touchscreen. It's a small detail, but actually quite ingenious. People with sight issues have the choice of color allows them to use the device more comfortably. You can't help but think that Keurig is reinforcing the idea that this machine is for everyone.

The Touch Display panel lets you control the different features. Hot water on demand? Push a button. Pick between the five brew temperature options? Push another button again.

k cups 12

The Keurig K525C has a large water reservoir. It has a capacity of 80 ounces. The size makes sense when you think of the available options for brew sizes. The K-Cup pod brew sizes come in 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 ounces. For the K-Mug Pod, the sizes are 12, 14, 16, and 18 ounces. If that sounds like a lot of coffee, wait until you hear about the K-Carafe Pod brew sizes. It has 22, 26, and 30 ounces.

Cleanup is a breeze with the Keurig K525C. It has a removable drip tray that can collect any overflow that may occur.

There is no denying that the manufacturer knows what it is doing when it comes to producing an excellent cup of coffee using convenient pods. But, this unit takes it a step further.

By introducing a reusable coffee filter, it also made the experience more accessible. It is more in line with the increased awareness of the effects single serve plastics can do to the environment. It also removes the limitation to use only Keurig products.

Dimensions and Specs

The Keurig K525C is of average size compared to other coffee-making devices. Its dimensions are 13.6 x 13.4 x 10.4 inches. It's ever so slightly heavier than other Keurig models. It weighs 14 lbs.

The Pros of Keurig K525C

  • The reusable filter, which is ideal for the environment and options for coffee flavors
  • A range of customizable options, from size to brew temperature
  • Energy saver mode to improve efficiency

The Cons of Keurig K525C

It is very similar to the Keurig K525 model. For the casual coffee drinker, the differences are almost negligible.

The manufacturer is also not generous with the warranty. The warranty is over a period of a year.

Care and Cleaning

The manufacturer recommends descaling the Keurig K525C every three to six months. Descaling is a process where you remove the mineral deposits that build up in the unit. These deposits are not harmful when ingested, but they can hamper the performance of the device.

The touch screen will issue an alert to conduct maintenance if there is a buildup of scales.

To descale the Keurig K525C, turn off the machine and pour the descaling solution into the empty water reservoir. Fill it with an equal amount of water. Activate the device and run the cleansing mixture.

The machine will guide you when to rinse. Let it stand for 30 minutes. After that time, throw away any remaining cleansing liquid in the water reservoir and clean it thoroughly. Fill the water reservoir with fresh water and run it through the machine to flush out the residue (3).

For the body of the machine, you can clean with soapy water using a soft cloth. Please note that the brewer should not get wet as it will damage the device.

Techniques. Tips, and Tricks

Proving that it is wholly committed to its product lineup, Keurig has a descaling solution. You can use this when descaling the machine.

Another tip is that you can also change the language of the control panel. Choose between English, Spanish, and French.

If you are planning on storing the Keurig K525C, make sure that it is in an upright position to prevent water leaking from the inner tank. Also, make sure that the water tank is empty if storing the device in a cold spot. Water freezing inside the machine will damage it.

Comparison to Similar Products

Keurig no longer has a monopoly on the K-cup pods. Competitor brands have seized the opportunity to produce similar machines. One example is the Cuisinart SS-10 Premium Single-Serve Coffeemaker.

It is also compatible with the K-Cup and can make five beverage sizes. Like the Keurig K525C, this model is programmable and allows you to adjust the temperature settings.

One of the Cuisinart SS-10 Premium Single-Serve Coffeemaker’s unique features is that it has a charcoal filter to improve the quality of the water. It is also more affordable than the Keurig.

Another similar product is the Hamilton Beach 2-Way Coffee Maker. It offers coffee two ways. One is to brew a pot of coffee as you usually would. The other is by making yourself a cup of coffee using a Keurig K-Cup. Each side gets its own water reservoir.

Like the Cuisinart, this model from Hamilton Beach is less expensive than the Keurig K525C.

The Last Drop

The name Keurig is practically synonymous with single-serve coffee brewing systems. The K525C is another notch on the brand's belt to continue its reputation as an industry leader.

This model has the technology and the sleek design. Getting this Keurig in your kitchen is like getting a fancy car. Sure, you can drive a Toyota, but imagine how a Benz will make you feel.

But the Keurig K525C is not just about its pedigree. It is also about solid performance. Hopefully, this Keurig K525C review let you take a closer look at the details that will tell you if this product is right for your home.

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