Nespresso Evoluo Review – Is It Worth the Money?

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Nespresso Vertuo Evoluo Coffee and Espresso Machine by De'Longhi, Black

The Nespresso Evoluo is the second-generation of Nespresso’s VertuoLine machines. It’s a great choice for someone who loves espresso but who also likes the option of being able to make other coffee beverages too. However, it does lock users into buying only Nespresso VertuoLine pods.


Nespresso machines are high-quality, premium brewers.


The unit itself is relatively inexpensive, representing great value. However, the pods it uses are more expensive than just buying regular beans or grounds.

Ease of use

The machine is extremely easy to use. You simply place a pod inside and hit “brew”. The machine reads the pod and adjusts the brewing parameters automatically.


The Evoluo includes a one-year warranty. While this is normal for comparable machines, a longer warranty period would have been welcome.

The Good

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    Extremely easy to use
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    Can make espresso and regular coffee, giving more flexibility
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    Makes great-tasting beverages
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    Small footprint, makes it suitable even for homes with limited space
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    Automatic blend recognition reads the pod and brews accordingly

The Bad

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    Only works with Nespresso VertuoLine pods
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    Centrifusion technology does not make genuine espresso (although the taste is similar)

Nespresso Evoluo Coffee Maker Unboxing 

We had a look online to find out what other people were saying about this product. There are lots of positive reviews on YouTube and you can find more there, we’ll give you just one to let you see how the Evoluo performs.

Nespresso Evoluo Review

The original Nespresso machines were designed to make only espresso – but VertuoLine machines offer the option to make other coffee-based beverages like cappuccinos and lattes too.

The Evoluo is a second-generation VertuoLine, offering users the ultimate in ease of use as well as more variety in the coffees that are available to brew.

Things to consider

Do you just want to make espresso or do you like drinking other coffee shop-style drinks like cappuccinos and lattes?

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If you are a big fan of espresso and you value the convenience of a pod-based machine, it is hard to beat the original Nespresso machines. On the other hand, if you prefer a little more variety, the Evoluo might be a better pick.

Do you want real espresso or just a very close approximation?

If you are a true espresso connoisseur, you should realize that “espresso” made by the Centrifusion method is not true espresso – it is not brewed under pressure like in a coffee shop (or with an original Nespresso machine).

If you must have the real thing and you have the time and patience to learn the art of pulling espressos at home, you may wish to consider buying a real home espresso machine rather than a machine that uses pods.

Do you value convenience and speed over economy and flexibility?

While a VertuoLine machine like the Evoluo is extremely quick and easy to use – you just pop in the pod and hit “go” – the pods cost more than buying regular coffee and you will be limited to buying only Nespresso coffee sold in compatible pods.

If you want more flexibility to be able to buy whatever coffee you want – and at a lower price – you might be better advised to opt for a more traditional coffee maker or even something like a French press or pour-over system.

Presenting the ​Nespresso Evoluo coffee maker

Nespresso machines are one of the most common types of pod-based coffee brewers around the world – except in North America. This is because in many countries, especially in Europe, people tend to drink lots of espresso whereas Americans generally prefer other coffee-based beverages.

VertuoLine was Nespresso’s way of trying to gain ground in the North American home brewing market. These machines are still able to brew espresso like the original machines (or something very close), but they also offer the ability to brew other coffee drinks that are more popular in the US.

The way they do this is by using a special technology called Centrifusion. Coffee is not brewed under pressure but rather in a pod that is spun at 7000 revolutions per minute.

This allows the machines to produce delicious espresso with a rich crema but also to make coffee shop-style drinks like cappuccinos and lattes.

These brewers also feature another new technology that reads the pod automatically and adjusts the brewing parameters accordingly in order to produce a perfect cup of coffee each time with the minimum of effort.

Evoluo is the second-generation VertuoLine machine. It features all the benefits and conveniences of the original machines but is now available in new designs and colors.

Note that to make authentic cappuccinos and lattes, you need to buy a separate Aeroccino frother for the true coffee shop-style effect.

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Features and benefits

Here is a summary of the features and benefits of the VertuoLine Evoluo.

1. Centrifusion technology

The original Nespresso machines brewed espresso under pressure – just like in a coffee shop. However, this limited the machines to only being able to make espresso.

With the VertuoLine machines (including the Evoluo), a new technology was created, called Centrifusion. Using this technique, coffee is brewed in a pod that is spun at 7000 revolutions a minute.

While this method does not produce genuine espresso brewed under pressure, it makes something pretty close, even down to the crema of a true espresso. However, the advantage is that this method can also be used to brew other types of coffee, making this machine much more versatile.

2. ​Automatic blend recognition

Another innovative piece of technology is the automatic blend recognition system. This allows the machine to scan the pod that is being used and then to automatically change the settings according to the type of coffee being brewed.

This means the machine is able to adjust all the necessary parameters without you having to do anything at all.

3. ​Different cup sizes

The Evoluo can produce two different sizes of beverage, espresso (1.35oz) and regular (7.7oz).

4. ​Small footprint

The Evoluo is a compact unit, measuring only 9” x 12.2” x 12.3” and weighing 11lbs. This means it is a suitable choice even for those with limited space at home.

5. ​Short heat-up time

This machine is ready to brew within about 15-20 seconds, meaning you don’t need to leave it switched on and consuming energy to be able to make a coffee whenever you want it.

6. ​One-touch brew system

Unlike some other machines, the Evoluo doesn’t require any complicated adjustments before you brew. You just pop in the pod and hit “go” – your coffee is brewed at the touch of a single button.

7. ​54oz removable water reservoir

The water reservoir is a sizeable 54oz, meaning you won’t need to keep refilling too often. When you do need to refill, it is fully removable, facilitating the process.

8. ​Large used pod storage

The Evoluo can hold up to 13 used pods (or more on upgrade models), meaning you won’t have to keep emptying it every day or two.

9. ​Access to the Nespresso Club

Nespresso pods are not available in regular stores – they must either be bought in special Nespresso boutiques (which are not always easy to find, depending on where you live) or from their dedicated online store.

This is not a problem, however, since the service is quick and highly efficient. Rather than being a hassle, using the Nespresso online service makes buying coffee easier.

10. ​Access to Nespresso’s recycling service

One of the biggest problems with using a pod-based machine is that it is not a particularly ecological way of brewing coffee – all those pods need to go somewhere once they’ve been used.

While Keurig’s K-Pods are infamously not recyclable, Nespresso pods are – and the company even runs a special collection service to ensure that used Nespresso pods don’t end up in landfills sites by the billion, as is the case with the rival K-Cups.

An alternative pick

Nespresso Evoluo vs Inissia

Nespresso Vertuo Evoluo Coffee and Espresso Machine by De'Longhi, Black

Nespresso Evoluo

Nespresso Inissia Espresso Machine by De'Longhi with Aeroccino, Silver

Nespresso Inissia

This is one of the best-selling machines from Nespresso’s original line of espresso makers.

These machines were built to do one thing only – that is, to brew near-coffee shop standard espresso from a pod in the comfort of your home.

The advantage is that you don’t need to buy an expensive home espresso maker and you don’t need to master the art of pulling espresso like a trained barista. You simply place the pod in the machine and the Nespresso does the rest.

These machines give you a perfectly-brewed espresso every time without you having to do anything. If you love espresso and you don’t plan on drinking anything else, these machines are definitely worth considering.

However, if you enjoy more variety in your drinks and you are not too bothered if your espresso is brewed under pressure or using Centrifusion, an Evoluo would certainly offer you a lot more choice.


It must be said that Evoluo machines produce an excellent cup of coffee – far better than Keurig machines, many might argue.

If you are looking for a machine that will allow you effortlessly to produce a whole range of coffee drinks at home and you like the idea of a pod-based system, Evoluo comes highly recommended.

However, if you prefer real espresso or you don’t really want to be locked into buying only VertuoLine pods, you might also choose to consider other options.

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