Ninja Cappuccino Maker Review – Is CF091 A Good Choice?

If you're looking to enjoy a high-quality coffee drink with the convenience and savings of making your drinks at home, then the Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 cappuccino maker might be an excellent choice.

This Ninja cappuccino maker review will help you understand the specs of the product and what you can expect from its performance.

Ninja Cappuccino Maker Review (CF091) - At A Glance

  • Single-server system for personal usage
  • Custom and signature brews to deliver the taste and performance you desire
  • Built-in frother for minimal mess and drink creation in one mug
  • Removable water reservoir for easy filling and cleaning without any mess
  • Two-hour warming plate keeps your drinks ready for you when you're ready for them

One of the biggest challenges that many people face with their at-home cappuccino machines is figuring out the proper use of the milk frother (1). 

Ninja's built-in design allows you to achieve commercial cappuccino results with your personal machine, guaranteeing that you won't be able to tell the difference between your cappuccino maker and one that you might see in a chain coffee shop (2). 

The warming plate is yet another vital component. Deciding to make a drink and then getting distracted by other tasks is common, and you shouldn't have to return to cold coffee which loses flavor in the microwave.

The warming plate for a single serving will guarantee that you're able to enjoy your beverage on your time frame, rather than continuing to feel rushed.

Your Ninja Coffee Bar also comes with the option to choose from one of six different brew sizes. 

Pick the right size cup for your drink, include ice or flavoring, or make enough to share.

The easy selection knob should make it clear how much coffee you're about to make and will allow you to plan accordingly (3).

Being able to make cold, hot, or even blended frozen drinks will allow you to change up your morning routine as desired or impress your friends and family with your new-found barista skills.

Rather than continuing to spend money on designer coffee every morning, the features of your Ninja Coffee Bar will allow you to achieve the same results for a much less continuing cost.

That should help keep you satisfied with its performance over the long term.

Dimensions and Specs

The Ninja Coffee Bar measures 15 x 11.3 x 16.3 inches and weighs 12.7 pounds. Its relatively compact design should allow it to fit unassumingly onto your counter top while still providing the weight and feel of a more substantial item.

The built-in shelf allows you to select your vessel for your drink and insert it easily, changing the volume of cappuccino produced based on the amount you want to consume. The Ninja Coffee Bar does also contain a glass carafe that can hold up to 50 ounces of liquid.

The heating plate which is designed to operate for as long as two hours can also be programmed for extended usage, allowing you to maintain heat for as long as four hours.

Other options from the same manufacturer include a stainless steel thermal carafe that carries some extra cost but will allow you to hold hot beverages for a longer period without the use of the heating plate.

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The Pros of Ninja Coffee Bar CF091

SharkNinja CF091 Coffee Makers 50 oz. Silver
  • Ninja's custom vessel choices allow you to pick the precise size of the drink that you want to make every day, giving you control over your intake
  • Built-in frother allows you to bring milk to the exact temperature and texture of commercial coffee houses, creating a professional end result
  • Relatively compact design allows for easy movement on and off the counter on a regular basis, compared to competing products which may be heavy, bulky, and take up too much space
  • The built-in heating plate allows you to consume a hot beverage on your schedule and can be programmed to the typical length of your morning routine to minimize power consumption and heat risk
  • Removable water reservoir allows for easy filling and cleaning and will help keep your coffee bar as sanitary and tasting as fresh as possible

The Cons of Ninja Coffee Bar CF091

  • Totally personalized options can result in some trial and error before you find the technique and vessel size that best suits you
  • Stainless steel, large volume carafe comes at a substantially increased price point, causing some consumers to choose between an economical and a more efficient purchase
  • Many options for accessories and additions may cause confusion or leave you feeling like you didn't purchase the package which contains all of the options you desire
  • Glass carafe may be at risk of breaking if dropped on a hard surface, and the manufacturer must be contacted directly for a replacement
  • Constant moving from the counter top in order to conserve space may result in some electronic features being reset as power is interrupted
  • Sensitive to water quality and may call for constant cleaning if your tap water contains more particles than average
SharkNinja CF091 Coffee Makers 50 oz. Silver

Techniques, Tips, and Tricks

When most people opt to purchase a cappuccino maker, it's because they want access to the technological advances they find in their regular coffee shop.

Rather than simply drinking black coffee because it's easy, purchasing a Ninja Coffee Bar can help you get to that level.

The built-in frother will allow you to bring your milk of choice up to the perfect temperature and texture for combination with your pre-selected coffee or espresso.

That frothed milk is the backbone of the mouthfeel you receive with chain coffee purchases, and it previously was only achievable with unwieldy pieces of machinery that only serve one purpose.

Focusing on the specific size of the vessel you're going to drink from also allows you to flavor your drinks to your liking.

Pour over ice or blend in order to create a decadent treat that you may never have thought was available in your home.

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SharkNinja CF091 Coffee Makers 50 oz. Silver

Comparison To Similar Products

Nespresso's Vertuo Evoluo machine is a more compact cappuccino maker that provides hot drinks, but it doesn't include the variety of options that the Ninja Coffee Bar does. It also relies on coffee pods that might not produce the same taste.

Similarly, a wide variety of Keurig machines may be simpler to understand, but they're far less likely to deliver the results you desire. The flavor of commercial drinks can be created through the use of pods, but the essential mouth feel is incredibly different.

The Technivorm Moccamaster focuses on fresh brewing from fresh beans, but it lacks the built-in frother and the options to choose the precise size of the drinking vessel that the Ninja includes.

Technivorm's products are more focused on the professional market than on home users attempting to replicate those results.


For a reliable product that will allow you to create beverages at home that you spend too much money on every day, it's hard to go wrong with the Ninja Coffee Bar Cappuccino maker (CF091).

The variety of options and customization settings make it an industry leader in bringing comfort into your home.

Taking the time to learn how to make a wide variety of your own coffee drinks will allow you to never again feel frustrated by cost or inconvenience and will allow you to branch out into flavors and techniques previously beyond your reach. Simple equipment makes for satisfying results.

This Ninja cappuccino maker review should provide you with a broad oversight of the product and give you the confidence of knowing it would make an excellent addition to your home. Finding warmth and comfort in a glass can start with this great machine.

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